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Beethoven piano trios

The Phoenix Piano Trio’s debut release – a live recording of Beethoven’s Trio in Eb major Op.70 No.2 & the Archduke.

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Catalogue Number: 5060192780178


It’s the outer movements of the Archdule where the Phoenix seem to have the most to say, shaping the opening Allegro Moderato effectively and setting a purposeful pace in the finale. (Gramophone)

The CD also includes Beethoven’s Trio in E flat major, Op 70, No 2. In this much less well known companion to piece to the famed ‘Ghost’ trio, Beethoven gives the opening to the cello not the piano, emphasising that all three instruments are to be equal. This work really allows the Phoenix’s integrated sound to shine, with a delightful conversation between piano, violin and cello taking place to a particularly catchy tune in the third movement.  (Oxford Times)

Track listing
  1. Op.70 No.2 – Poco sostenuto
  2. Op.70 No.2 – Allegretto
  3. Op.70 No.2 – Allegretto ma non troppo
  4. Op.70 No.2 – Finale: Allegro
  5. Op.97 “Archduke” – Allegro moderato
  6. Op.97 “Archduke” – Allegro
  7. Op.97 “Archduke” – Andante cantabile, ma però con moto
  8. Op.97 “Archduke” – Allegro moderato