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The complete Quilter songbook – vol.2

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The complete Quilter songbook – vol.1

The second disc in a four-disc series that will comprise the first complete recording of the songs of Roger Quilter (1877-1953).


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Catalogue No: 5060192780307


Quilter’s songs feature in may English song recitals, but this second volume of Mark Stone and Stephen Barlow’s excellent complete edition confirms that they’re more than mere programme fillers. This wealthy Old Etonian might be mistaken for a patrician amateur, but he was a serious musician who studied in Germany alongside Percy Grainger and others, and wrote successful operas, light music, and more than a hundred songs. Heard together, their individuality becomes more evident, sprightly and limpidly lyrical in a characteristically Edwardian manner; they influenced Philip ‘Peter Warlock’ Heseltine and others. They lack Vaughan Williams’s dynamic originality, perhaps, yet they have deeply felt undercurrents, sometimes a melancholy hinting at Quilter’s ill health, repressed sexuality and mental decline after his nephew’s murder in World War Two. They’re mostly strongest when they emory Quilter’s response to some already power poetry, from Shakespeare and the Earl of Rochester to Byron, Blake and Keats; Quilter’s own early lyrics sound distinctly weedy. The concluding Herrick sequence To Julia is particularly good. Stone’s high. slightly grainy baritone and incisive diction deliver Quilter’s often long, soaring lines with compelling fervour, and Barlow’s fluent accompaniment is the opposite of the dreaded effete tinkling sometimes inflicted on these songs. **** **** (BBC Music)

This second of four discs will be the first complete recording of the songs of Roger Quilter (1877-1953). As well as setting Blake, Byron, Keats, Binyon and the Earl of Rochester, the Sussex-born composer also wrote some of his own texts, sometimes using a pseudonym. The mood of these songs is wistful, fairly conventional and often with intricate piano parts, elegantly played by Stephen Barlow. Mark Stone’s performances are assured and persuasive … this Volume 2 is full of pleasures, not least the song cycle To Julia, to poems of Robert Herrick. (Observer)

Track listing

  1. The jealous lover
  2. Why so pale and wan?
  3. I dare not ask a kiss
  4. To Althea, from prison
  5. The constant lover
  6. Come back!
  7. A secret
  8. Fairy lullaby
  9. Dream valley
  10. The wild flower’s song
  11. Daybreak
  12. Island of dreams
  13. At close of day
  14. The answer
  15. There be none of beauty’s daughters
  16. Morning song
  17. Go, lovely rose
  18. O, the month of May
  19. The time of roses
  20. My heart adorned with thee
  21. To wine and beauty
  22. Where be you going?
  23. The jocund dance
  24. April love
  25. Come, spring! sweet spring!
  26. The reign of the stars
  27. Spring voices
  28. I have a friend
  29. The sea-bird
  30. Moonlight
  31. By the sea
  32. Tulips
  33. Prelude
  34. The bracelet
  35. The maiden blush
  36. To daisies
  37. The night piece
  38. Julia’s hair
  39. Interlude
  40. Cherry ripe