The poet sings

Australian art-songs by twentieth-century composers.


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Catalogue Number: 5060192780147


This defiantly uncompromising CD is a snapshot of a bygone compositional era. (Limelight)

Track listing
  1. Hark! hark! the lark (Paviour)
  2. Crabbed age and youth (Paviour)
  3. Sweet rose, fair flower (Paviour)
  4. The only pretty ring-time (Paviour)
  5. Live with me (Paviour)
  6. It raineth every day (Paviour)
  7. Fear no more the heat of the sun (Paviour)
  8. Flute music (Allen)
  9. The white egret (Allen)
  10. Beloved stoop down thro’ the clinging dark (Agnew)
  11. O moonlight deep and tender (Agnew)
  12. Dirge (Agnew)
  13. In fairyland (Hanson)
  14. Shades of night (Hanson)
  15. The wide world (Hanson)
  16. Silence of the night (Bertram)
  17. Love letters (Allen)
  18. Heart attack (Allen)
  19. The vampire’s lullaby (Allen)
  20. The dangers of love (Allen)
  21. Sorrow (Agnew)
  22. Infant joy (Agnew)
  23. Dusk (Agnew)
  24. Hie away, hie away (Agnew)
  25. Smile, O voluptuous cool-breath’d earth (Allen)
  26. Love’s coming (Allen)
  27. I dreamt that she sat by my head (Hanson)
  28. Fallen veils (Hanson)