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Britten: Canticles & The heart of the matter

Live recording of Britten’s five canticles, with the extended version of Canticle III (The heart of the matter).


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Catalogue Number: 5060192780314


Both sets of performances are very fine. Those from Oxford around Norman are easier on the ear … The Oxford performance has a wider-ranging essay by recent Britten biographer Paul Kildea … Both discs are well recorded. (International Record Review)

This release is  a valuable addition to the Britten discography (Classical Iconoclast)

Those expecting five “canticles” will not be disappointed (Fanfare)

Track listing
  1. Canticle I: My beloved is mine
  2. Canticle II: Abraham and Isaac
  3. Prologue: Where are the seeds of the Universal Fire
  4. Reading: The earth of my heart was broken and gaped low
  5. Song: We are the darkness in the heat of the day
  6. Reading: In such a heat of the earth
  7. Canticle III: Still falls the rain
  8. Reading: I see Christ’s wounds weep in the Rose on the wall
  9. Epilogue: So, out of the dark
  10. Canticle IV: Journey of the Magi
  11. Canticle V: The death of Saint Narcissus