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Volume 3 of the New Lullaby series of contemporary guitar solos

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Related Artists: Aaron Larget-Caplan

Catalogue Number: 5060192781113


Larget-Caplan performs all of the music in a masterful way; the gorgeous singing tone, lovely phrasing, and compelling sense of narrative are all splendid and captivating. The recorded sound is superb, establishing an acoustically natural and intimate connection with the performer … Thanks to Aaron Larget-Caplan for the creation and championing of his New Lullaby Project, both in live performance and in these marvelous recordings that I enthusiastically recommend to you. (Fanfare Magazine)

Another captivating addition to a significant series that continues to add miniature gems to the contemporary guitar repertoire. (The WholeNote, Canada)

Another fantastic volume from the New Lullaby Project by Aaron Larget-Caplan. With wonderful performances, beautiful compositions, and the scores allowing you to perform your favourite works, this is a must-follow project. (This is Classical Guitar)

Track listing
  1. The Sleeping Guitar
  2. Counting Backwards
  3. Canción de Niñez
  4. Lullaby for Children of the New World
  5. Drifting
  6. White Potatoes
  7. Lulubye
  8. Seeketh Not Its Own
  9. Lullaby for letting the day be what it is
  10. Upward
  11. Dreams
  12. Little Dancer
  13. Dreamcatcher
  14. Le belle addormentate
  15. A Lullaby in Restless Times