Emergence: Emily Dickinson

Settings of poems by Emily Dickinson

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Catalogue Number: 5060192780864


Benjamin and Panizza achieve near perfection … This release is highly recommended. (Journal of singing)

Nadine Benjamin’s renditions of 20th- and 21st-century musical settings of poems by Emily Dickinson are a great tribute. The singing is beautifully controlled, with care for the text **** (BBC Music)

This Dickinson programme is built around Copland’s classic Twelve Poems (1950), but his successors, Luigi Zaninelli (b1932) and Juliana Hall (b1958), belong to the same tradition. Hall’s cycles, To Meet and Flower (written for Benjamin in 2009) and In Reverence (1985), deserve wider airing. Benjamin’s clear diction and beautiful singing are backed up by her pianist’s committed playing. (Sunday Times)

The recorded sound is very good, andt the booklet offers good notes and full texts. This disc is a real winner, especially for the Hall songs, which should be performed more often. (MusicWeb International)

A wonderfully sung and played recital by two worthy artists who have assembled a fine combination of styles of high-quality art songs. I finished the feast quite well satiated, and you will surely as well. (Fanfare)

Track listing

  1. Nature, the gentlest mother (Copland)
  2. There came a wind like a bugle (Copland)
  3. Why do they shut me out of Heaven? (Copland)
  4. The world feels dusty (Copland)
  5. Heart, we will forget him (Copland)
  6. Dear March, come in! (Copland)
  7. Sleep is supposed to be (Copland)
  8. When they come back (Copland)
  9. I felt a funeral in my brain (Copland)
  10. I’ve heard an organ talk sometimes (Copland)
  11. Going to Heaven! (Copland)
  12. The Chariot (Copland)
  13. Had I pleasure you had not (Zaninelli)
  14. Who knows where our hearts go (Zaninelli)
  15. I trust this sweet May Morning (Zaninelli)
  16. We wouldn’t mind the sun dear (Zaninelli)
  17. I am studying music now (Zaninelli)
  18. Till it has loved (Zaninelli)
  19. You might not know I remembered you (Zaninelli)
  20. “Whose are the little beds”, I asked (Hall)
  21. God made a little gentian (Hall)
  22. The daisy follows soft the sun (Hall)
  23. A Northeast Storm (Hall)
  24. It is an honourable Thought (Hall)
  25. Lightly stepped  a yellow star (Hall)
  26. Prayer is the little implement (Hall)
  27. Papa above! (Hall)
  28. The grave my little cottage is (Hall)
  29. Black Cake: A Recipe by Emily Dickinson (Glickman)
  30. This Little Rose (Jarman-Pinto)