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Ghosts, fools and seers

Australian art song

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Related Artists: Katja Webb, David Wickham

Catalogue Number: 5060192780703


Young soprano Katja Webb, making her debut in the role, was at her best in Violetta’s more fragile moments, singing with well-judged, subtle inflections and a lovely warm tone. (The Australian)

Webb’s fruity soprano is lithe and adventurous, tackling this little-heard repertoire with thoughtful poise and relish; Wickham is precise and sympathetic. This is an important series noteworthy for its excavations of Modernism in mid-20th-century Australia (Limelight)

Track listing
  1. Fear no more the heat of the sun
  2. No longer mourn for me
  3. How oft, when thou, my music
  4. The ghost
  5. Winter
  6. Cranes
  7. If you were to ask me
  8. Crows the cock before the dawn
  9. Cherry blossoms are quiet
  10. Beside my bed
  11. Come to the orchard
  12. I waited and I yearned
  13. Snow falls on snow
  14. The pear tree
  15. Bargain basement
  16. Sleight-of-hand
  17. Sonnet XVIII: Shall I compare thee
  18. On the Inland Sea
  19. On Betelgeuse
  20. Crazy Jane and the Bishop
  21. Crazy Jane on the day of judgement
  22. Crazy Jane reproved
  23. Jane with Jack the journeyman
  24. Crazy Jane talks with the Bishop
  25. Crazy Jane on God
  26. Crazy Jane grown old looks at the dancers
  27. Feral cat
  28. Reflections
  29. Carapace
  30. Autumn rain
  31. Winter afternoon
  32. A welcome: fowls and flowers