Piano music by living composer Tamara Konstantin

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Catalogue Number: 5060192780666


If you like irresistibly romantic piano music then this is for you (Classics Unwrapped)

Tamara is a very accomplished composer and a pianist. I like this Album. I find this a good, relaxing listen. (Classic FM)

CD of the Week (The Lady)

Track listing
  1. Spring
  2. Childhood memories
  3. Nocturne romantica
  4. Melancholy
  5. Sonata No.1 “Alke” – Andante
  6. Sonata No.1 “Alke” – Andante
  7. Sonata No.1 “Alke” – Allegro
  8. Revelation
  9. Ladybird Lullaby
  10. Dreams
  11. Sonata No.2 “Bia” – Allegro
  12. Sonata No.2 “Bia” – Andante
  13. Sonata No.2 “Bia” – Allegro
  14. Summer
  15. Reflections
  16. Autumn
  17. Inspiration
  18. Winter