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Nights Transfigured

Volume 2 of the New Lullaby series of contemporary guitar solos

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Related Artists: Aaron Larget-Caplan

Catalogue Number: 5060192781106


Larget-Caplan performs all of the lullabies with the utmost affection, tonal beauty, and sensitive phrasing. The recorded sound is marvelous; rich and detailed, with a (not too) close perspective of the performer. Nights Transfigured is a truly beguiling hour of music making, one that (perhaps despite the traditional goal of a lullaby) held me in rapt attention throughout. I am always deeply gratified by recordings that document the commissioning and marvelous performances of first-rate works. Nights Transfigured is such a release. Recommended (Fanfare)

A fascinating collection of exquisite contemporary miniatures for classical guitar that explore a wide range of musical languages and often employ extended guitar technique, all of it beautifully played and recorded. (The WholeNote, Canada)

This music requires deep listening, so turn out the lights, put anything potentially distracting aside, and return to the mind-clearing moment just before falling asleep to hear this music. (American Record Guide)

Each composer approaches the lullaby in a new creative way allowing the listener to engage with the album as a conceptual whole. From colourful sensitive phrasing to virtuosic execution of soothing new music textures, Aaron Larget-Caplan’s playing is exquisite. Highly recommended. (This is Classical Guitar, Canada)

Nights Transfigured Vol. 2 of the New Lullaby Project is an exceptional album. Superb phrasing, unparalleled musicianship, and I am most impressed with his understanding of space and time. He is a world class musician and I highly recommend not only this album but all his contributions to the world of guitar and beyond. (Tigran Arakelyan, Conductor, podcaster and radio host)

Track listing
  1. Lullaby for D—
  2. Perseiden
  3. The moon through the window shines down
  4. After Many Days Without Rain
  5. Reva’s Lullaby
  6. Lullaby in Three Voices
  7. Berceuse
  8. Sleeping Light, Spinning World
  9. Lullaby for Our Time
  10. A world of your own
  11. A Child Sings at Thanksgiving
  12. Esperanza
  13. Wiegenlied
  14. The Pillow That You Dream On