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Paul Carr: I Offer You Love

Contemporary choral music by English composer Paul Carr

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Related Artists: Chorus Angelorum, Gavin Carr

Catalogue Number: 5060192781205



This is a finely presented CD. The performances from the baritone, William Dazeley in The Seven Last Words is excellent. The choral singing is always well-balanced and clear. And finally the Bath Philharmonia under Gavin Carr give a committed account of this deeply felt music. The liner-notes by the composer are always helpful. The sound quality is faultless. This is an excellent production from one of Britain’ leading composers. Every piece is enjoyable, approachable and ultimately inspiring and often moving. It may be that some folk will not approve of Paul Carr’s largely ‘traditional’ musical language. However, to my ear this CD proves that there is still ever so much to be ‘said’ using a largely tonal musical structure. This music does not require any ‘ism’ but simply a genuine inspiration — truly devotional in the broadest sense. (MusicWeb International)

Track listing
  1. Rain
  2. I Offer You Love
  3. Autumn Song
  4. Be Still My Soul
  5. You God, Are My God
  6. Soft Music
  7. Agnus Dei
  8. Midwinter
  9. Drop, Drop, Slow Tears
  10. How Do I love Thee?
  11. Music, When Soft Voices Die
  12. Go, Lovely Rose