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Ronald Corp: Songs of the Elder Sisters

Settings of texts by Buddhist nuns, for mezzo-soprano, baritone, alto flute, clarinet and viola.


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Catalogue Number: 5060192780369


The texts are strongly meditative, evoking the calm and poise of those who wrote them. Corp has expertly matched this in music, and by craving for variety, greater characterisation and even drama one is no doubt missing the point. This is music that will work well late at night with the lights down. The five performers certainly seem convinced by it. (Gramophone)

Track listing
  1. Prelude
  2. Ambapali’s song
  3. Anopama’s song
  4. Vimala’s song
  5. Interlude 1
  6. Kisogotami’s song
  7. Vasitthi’s song
  8. Interlude 2
  9. Punna’s song
  10. Mutta’s song
  11. Patacara’s song
  12. Mettika’s song
  13. Interlude 3
  14. Sela’s song
  15. Soma’s song
  16. Khema’s song
  17. Uppalavanna’s song
  18. Interlude 4
  19. Subha’s song