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Ronald Corp: Things I didn’t say

The second disc from Ronald Corp’s chamber choir Apsara, performing works by Corp

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Related Artists: Apsara, Edward Batting, Ronald Corp

Catalogue Number: 5060192780185


These are all very effective settings which never do any violence to the words, and some are much more than that. Those who are unfamiliar with the music of Ronald Corp as a composer should certainly investigate this disc. (Musicweb International)

There are many rewards to be found on this CD, and I can recommend it highly to those who are fond of choral music. (Fanfare)

Track listing
  1. When I was hateful
  2. You were always anxious
  3. You didn’t want to be a burden
  4. The diagnosis was shocking
  5. He was always there
  6. When I was fearful
  7. You forgot our birthdays
  8. Many the mile I travelled
  9. We visited you
  10. Many the hour we travelled
  11. Some days you were still there
  12. You said “It’s really nice to see you”
  13. He’s always there for me
  14. When I was worried
  15. Everything was closing down
  16. Lucid but downcast
  17. Help
  18. When I was ordinary
  19. You and I had different views
  20. No more chains
  21. The revival
  22. Never weather-beaten sail
  23. The bells of paradise
  24. Myn lyking
  25. The Virgin’s cradle hymn
  26. Quem pastores laudavere
  27. We will remember them
  28. Ave verum
  29. Ave maria
  30. Psalm 150
  31. The pilgrim