The complete Butterworth songbook

The only complete recording of the songs of world war I casualty George Butterworth (1885-1916).


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Related Artists: Mark Stone, Stephen Barlow

Catalogue Number: 5060192780024


EDITOR’S CHOICE – This very enjoyable Butterworth selection, on Stone’s own label, finds him at the top of his game – secure and expressive. (Gramophone)

CONNOISSEURS’ CHOICE – Wonderful in every possible way. (Classic FM New CD Show)

In many ways, this is one of the most significant CDs of English Music to have been issued for a long time. (Musical Opinion)

Stone and his pianist, Stephen Barlow, treat the songs with ­intelligence and sensitivity. (The Guardian)

Track listing
  1. Loveliest of trees
  2. When I was one-and-twenty
  3. Look not in my eyes
  4. Think no more, lad
  5. The lads in their hundreds
  6. Is my team ploughing?
  7. Haste on, my joys!
  8. Yonder stands a lovely creature
  9. A blacksmith courted me
  10. A lawyer he went out one day
  11. Come my own one
  12. A brisk young sailor courted me
  13. Tarry trowsers
  14. I will make you brooches
  15. In the year that’s come and gone
  16. Life in her creaking shoes goes
  17. Fill a glass with golden wine
  18. On the way to Kew
  19. I fear thy kisses
  20. Sowing the seeds of love
  21. The cuckoo
  22. Seventeen come Sunday
  23. Roving in the dew
  24. The true lover’s farewell
  25. Requiescat
  26. Bredon Hill
  27. Oh fair enough are sky and plain
  28. When the lad for longing sighs
  29. On the idle hill of summer
  30. With rue my heart is laden