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The complete C.W. Orr songbook – vol.2

The second disc in a two-disc series that comprises the first complete recording of the songs of C.W. Orr (1893-1976)

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Related Artists: Mark Stone, Simon Lepper

Catalogue Number: 5060192780192


Mark Stone, the excellent baritone who has planned and sings this comprehensive recital so impressively, is obviously thoroughly at home in this repertoire and I wish I had more space to describe Orr’s fascinatingly diverse accompaniments, which Simon Lepper plays so imaginatively. I recommend these two discs strongly to all lovers of English song and even more to singers, for they will surely find items suitable for expanding their own repertoire. (Gramophone)

More songs by Orr exit, I should say, on this CD than on previous issues put together. They are well promoted by Stone and Lepper in a recording by Richard Sutcliffe in Potton Hall which could not be bettered. (International Record Review)

**** The important thing is that these songs are now available in committed performances. (The Guardian)

Mark Stone has done a real service in unearthing these, and recording them at such a high level. Stone Records is his own label (more and more artists are turning to this approach), and he provides thorough, well-written, and informative notes and complete texts. (Fanfare)

Track listing
  1. With rue my heart is laden
  2. This time of year
  3. Oh, when I was in love with you
  4. Is my team ploughing
  5. On your midnight pallet lying
  6. Plucking the rushes
  7. Bahnhofstrasse
  8. Requiem
  9. The time of roses
  10. Since thou, O fondest and truest
  11. Hymn before sleep
  12. While summer on is sleeping
  13. The lads in their hundreds
  14. The Isle of Portland
  15. 1887
  16. In valleys green and still
  17. Into my heart an air that kills
  18. Westward on the high-hilled plains
  19. Oh see how thick the goldcup flowers