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The complete Havergal Brian songbook – vol.1

The first CD in a two-disc series that comprises the complete songs of Havergal Brian (1876-1972)

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Catalogue Number: 5060192780154


Brian fanatics, while no doubt queueing up for more, will savour the consistently strong performance by these three fine musicians (BBC Music Magazine)

Mark Stone and Sholto Kynoch prove strong interpreters of the songs, some of the most individual in the British repertoire… Strongly recommended. (Gramophone)

Even when Brian’s prosody seems curious or arbitrary he shapes the vocal lines with a pleasing naturalness, and he finds an altogether more intimate approach in songs like ‘Farewell’. (Stone also provides the booklet notes, which are well researched and free from egregious error.) (International Record Review)

Track listing
  1. Sorrow song
  2. The message
  3. Farewell
  4. Little sleeper
  5. John Dowland’s fancy
  6. A faery song
  7. The soul of steel
  8. Since love is dead
  9. Legend for violin and piano
  10. When icicles hang by the wall
  11. Care-charmer sleep
  12. Take, O, take those lips away
  13. The mountain and the squirrel
  14. The lost doll
  15. What does little birdie say
  16. The boys and the pastille
  17. The butterfly’s waltz
  18. Venus and a bobby
  19. Soliloquy upon a dead child
  20. Day and night
  21. When I lie ill
  22. If I could speak