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The complete John Ireland songbook – vol.2

The second CD in a four-disc series that will comprise the first complete recording of the songs of John Ireland (1879-1962)

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Related Artists: Mark Stone, Sholto Kynoch

Catalogue Number: 5060192781007


Stone’s survey of the songs of John Ireland reaches the halfway mark with works published between 1912 and 1928, setting words by Shakespeare, Rossetti and Emily Brontë, as well as his contemporary poets James Vila Blake, Ernest Dowson and Arthur Symons. Stone and Kynoch catch the essentially English nostalgia of the haunting, wistful songs with robust humour in the folksy, rollicking numbers. (The Sunday Times)

Track listing
  1. Memory
  2. When daffodils begin to peer
  3. English May
  4. I was not sorrowful
  5. I will walk on the earth
  6. A song of March
  7. Spring
  8. Youth’s Spring-tribute
  9. Penumbra
  10. Spleen
  11. If we must part
  12. When I am old
  13. When lights go rolling round the sky
  14. Alpine song
  15. Love and friendship
  16. Friendship in misfortune
  17. The one hope
  18. Sunset play
  19. Slumber song
  20. Tryst
  21. During music
  22. The adoration
  23. The rat
  24. Rest
  25. Santa Chiara