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The complete Quilter songbook – vol.1

The first disc in a four-disc series that will comprise the first complete recording of the songs of Roger Quilter (1877-1953).


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Related Artists: Mark Stone, Stephen Barlow

Catalogue Number: 5060192780253


EDITOR’S CHOICE – Mark Stone could not be more sensitive in his response to the words with his remarkably clear diction, and his accompanist, Stephen Barlow, is comparably understanding, helped by the realistic sound quality recorded in the Champs Hill Music Room. Stone’s own detailed notes on each song as well as his brief biography of Quilter ideally enhance enjoyment. An outstanding disc of English song, making one look forward to the forthcoming issues in this Quilter songbook. (Gramophone)

CHOICE FOR THE CURIOUS (The New Release Show, Classic FM)

Stone’s sturdy baritone and Barlow’s bright accompaniment bring out the Debussyian melodic elegance in Quilter’s songs, while avoiding the preciosity that sometimes afflicts them **** (BBC Music)

Stephen Barlow’s project to record all of Quilter’s songs is a worthy one… this first instalment, sensitively sung by baritone Mark Stone with Barlow accompanying, is a promising start (The Guardian)

Stone’s engagingly natural style and immaculate diction are supported by Barlow’s sympathetic playing. (Sunday Times)

Rich in nuance, sensual contrasts of colour and range of textual expression… collectively eloquent and ideally committed to extracting the essence of each song – **** (Classic FM Magazine)

His lyric baritone has warmth, and he is quite effective at conveying words and meaning as well as phrasing with sensitivity. If you have either or both of the discs I mentioned, and feel that you have all the Quilter you need, this may be superfluous. But if you don’t have those and you are a collector of vocal music—particularly English vocal music—this is definitely worth acquiring. Also, if either of those earlier discs turned you into a serious Quilter fan, here is a very good way of expanding your collection … Stephen Barlow is an alert, colorful collaborator at the piano, and the natural recorded sound is perfectly balanced between voice and keyboard. Stone provides excellent notes about the young Quilter (presumably subsequent volumes will focus on his later years) along with specific notes about each song or group of songs along with complete texts. This is a model of how to produce a disc of this nature. (Fanfare)

Track listing
  1. Who is Silvia?
  2. When daffodils begin to peer
  3. How should I your true love know?
  4. Sigh no more, ladies
  5. In the highlands
  6. Over the land is April
  7. A London spring
  8. Come away, death
  9. O mistress mine
  10. Blow, blow, thou winter wind
  11. Trollie lollie laughter
  12. A coronal
  13. Passing dreams
  14. A land of silence
  15. In spring
  16. ‘Tis Saint Valentine’s day
  17. Hark, hark, the lark
  18. Come Lady-Day
  19. Come unto these yellow sands
  20. Tell me where is fancy bred
  21. I will go with my father a-ploughing
  22. Cherry Valley
  23. I wish and I wish
  24. Non nobis, Domine
  25. Orpheus with his lute
  26. When icicles hang by the wall
  27. A song at parting
  28. A good child
  29. The lamplighter
  30. Where go the boats?
  31. Foreign children
  32. Fear no more the heat o’ the sun
  33. Under the greenwood tree
  34. It was a lover and his lass
  35. Take, O take those lips away
  36. Hey, ho, the wind and the rain