The isolated cellist

A collection of new music for solo and looped cello gathered, arranged, curated and performed during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown

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Catalogue Number: 5060192781052


wood-textured, ancient, mysterious, elusive and organic (David Le Page)

Track listing
  1. Prélude
  2. Che si può fare?
  3. There’s a Rumour Going Round, We Don’t Know What It Is, But We All Get In Line
  4. Stù Criato
  5. The Girl Climbed the Stairs to Bed
  6. Canzonetta spirituale sopra la nanna
  7. Le Badinage
  8. Hymn to Nikkal
  9. La Biscayenne
  10. Douglas and Aileen Stood In Front of the Blue Plaque
  11. Augellin
  12. Lu passariellu
  13. Seachrán Si